For a year and a half and a considerable investment and effort, the official paper has finally arrived today (7-7-2017). With the RPAS Operator Certificate (ROC), under registration number 42/2017, RPAS Services can now finally get started with full professional services.

Unique in this is that RPAS Services is now, first, the first operator able to perform its flights in a civil airspace (CTR) based on the Dutch current RPAS regulations.
The operator must prove that he has an RT / LPE qualified pilot; has a VHF Aviation radio transmitting system with an antenna mast of at least 10 meters of height; has a permit to transmit for the VHF radio and for the Mode S Transponder; has a Mode S Transponder which is approved in conjunction with the drone (technical requirements).

With this new possibility, the professional RPAS operators can now also provide services to their industrial customers with installations and buildings in controlled airspace, such as Rotterdam Port of Rotterdam, Maastricht, et cetera.

RPAS Services also delivers or leases the VHF aviation radio system and RT certified pilot to colleague operators and also supplies Mode S transponders to the operators and drone manufactures in the European market.

 ROC42 2017





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